Welcome! Krishna Devi Wellness Company is a yoga and wellness coaching company run by Mabelyn Mijangos, an avid yogi and health & wellness junkie.

After a decade of an on and off relationship with yoga, I took the leap and became a RYT200 (registered yoga teacher) at Sky House Yoga Studio in Silver Spring, MD where I fell head over heels for the practice and the deep knitted community. Taking my health into my own hands, I have the passion and fiery personality to help others to find their inner happiness create their individual healthy lifestyle.

I offer private yoga to adults and children (certified by Kidding Around Yoga) and holistic health coaching (trained at IIN). You will find my services empowering, playful (like Krishna), loving and nurturing. I believe we all have an inner wisdom to help guide us in our lives, and I am a catalyst to help propel others towards bringing out their limitless potential so they too can show up fully in this world. Awaken your inner God or Goddess (Devi) by booking one of my services today!