welcome to my blog


I want to welcome you all to my blog! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to check out my writing.

Just want to talk about what the purpose of this blog will be. As with my company, I want this site to be a place for people to come and hang out, build a great, supportive, friendly, uplifting and empowering community.

I’ll be writing about my past and present experiences, sometimes a live journal entry on what I’m going through and feeling in that moment with no edits or holding back, as well as more structured posts with ideas, my routines or on topics you suggest.

I would love everyone to leave comments and practice being just as vulnerable as I will be on here as well as exercising gentleness, compassion and kindness towards everyone when expressing their opinions.

I’m so excited to start writing and I hope you are ready to read! See you soon!


Love always,

Mabelyn (Mabes)