embracing change



Accepting that change is occurring is uncomfortable, and sometimes extremely hard. Being in a rut is easy.

Allow yourself to feel the uncomfortable feelings. Once you have done this, you will be able to surrender yourself to change and the uncertainty that comes with it. Release your need to control the outcome of whatever is occurring and just be.

Maintaining your daily routines can help you to remain feeling grounded in the midst of chaos. Having some consistency and familiarity keeps you from getting too overwhelmed or stuck in your head.

Learn to hit the pause button and take a break. It is ok to stop yourself when you feel flooded. Taking a break can help you later on to feel less stressed and more stable during your transitions.

Practice gratitude daily. A simple exercise is to wake up and go to bed listing three things you are grateful for. It will help you to feel more appreciative for who or what is in your life now, especially if the change occurring is a difficult or heart wrenching one.

Try to incorporate mindfulness into your life. Remain present to what you are doing, and aware of yourself and your surroundings rather than being on autopilot or focused on your anxieties about the unknown future. Pray for patience, trust, and faith that all will be well. Connecting with spirit to remind yourself that everything is happening for your benefit can help to relieve some of the feelings about uncertainty and take you out of the victim mentality that is so easy to fall into if something doesn’t go as planned.

Make goals for your future. You can do this monthly, seasonally, or annually. Put together a poster filled with words, colors, and pictures of where you want to be. Use it as inspiration and creativity to help you stay aligned to your goals and the bigger picture while you are undergoing a transition.

Lastly, know that nothing amazing can happen when you stay in your comfort zone. Change allows for growth- and it can be used to your benefit to become a better person.

Don't let the fear of change and the unknown keep you from living your best life!


Love always,