my top 5 podcasts

A loved one introduced me to the podcast world, the first one I ever listened to being the Joe Rogan Podcast. I was hooked! The concept of being able to listen to people you enjoy, or are inspired by, talk and interview others about topics you love for FREE was life changing for me. Personally, I am subscribed to over a dozen podcasts and my phone is constantly telling me it is out of space because of the hundreds of episodes I’ve downloaded. Below is a list of my top 5 podcasts that I listen to in no particular order because they are equally amazing!

1.)    Awesome with Allison

2.)    The Highest Self Podcast

3.)    ReWild Yourself

4.)    The Chasing Joy Podcast

5.)    The Melissa Ambrosini Show


Awesome with Allison is a podcast hosted by Allison and her “sexy” husband Eric. Their topics range from self-help, business tips, and how to make the most of your life. Allison is so funny, bubbly and not afraid to make a fool of herself. I fell in love with her playful personality and genuine intention to want to help others become the best version of themselves.



The Highest Self Podcast was created by Sahara Rose, famous for her book idiot’s Guide: Ayurveda with the opening written by Deepak Chopra. Sahara is an Ayurveda expert, health and wellness junkie and is not scared to dive into the deep end of the spiritual world and everything that comes with it. I love her podcast because she shares great content, is very knowledgeable about what she says and makes it very easy to  understand. Listen to her if you want the 101 on balancing your chakras or how to live your juiciest and happiest life.


ReWild Yourself was the second podcast I ever subscribed to. Obviously, I was swayed by Daniel Vitalis’ charm and furry good looks, but the podcast is so much more than that. Daniel is someone who has been through it all and has lived to tell it, resurrecting himself and making his dream life a reality. He’s all about the outdoors, nature, health and hunting. An ex-vegan, I find Daniel truly inspiring and found his content to be extremely helpful through my own vegan-to-omnivore transition, especially episode #143 The Hidden Cost of Veganism with Lierre Keith. Some of my favorite episodes are with Nadine Artemis, founder of Living Libations and all         the shame-free, taboo sex education episodes with Kim Anami and Jaiya. I highly recommend his podcast if you want to channel your inner wild child.


The Chasing Joy Podcast is hosted by Georgie, blogger for In It 4 The Long Run. A down to earth coffee loving, inspiring introvert from Nantucket. I’m not sure if I stumbled upon her podcast or her blog first, but either way I love her and everything that she creates. Georgie has episodes about overcoming her eating disorder, battling with nutrition and extreme exercising. Her approach is always laid back and she believes that happiness, love, and success looks different for everyone. She’s big on self-care and following your dreams. Listening to her podcast is like having coffee with your best friend. I highly recommend you listen to it!


The Melissa Ambrosini Show is the podcast I have been listening to religiously when I began my self-development journey. Melissa Ambrosini is the author of Open Wide and Mastering Your Mean Girl. She often talks about her rock bottom and how far she’s come since then into creating the life she’s always wanted and she inspires and motivates her listeners to do the same. Melissa has some of the most interesting and famous guests on her show, and this is the podcast that I’ve downloaded every single episode and have listened to some of them multiple times. I feel like I need to take notes when I play her show! She talks about soulful sex, having happy and healthy relationships, creating your own business of your dreams, financial freedom and            everything in between. This is by far the most life changing podcast that I have ever come across and I highly insist that you all go listen!

Thank you for being here today and I hope I gave you some ideas for new podcasts to check out. If you love any other podcasts please leave them in the comments below! I am always up for listening to some new content!


Love always,