Health Coaching

I am certified by The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My mission is to create a ripple effect in helping women to live their best lives and guiding them to create balance in all areas of their life. 


If you are ready to transform your life and let go of all the fear and excuses that you are allowing to hold you back in life then a health coach is right for you! Allow me to work with you as a guide to help you live to your fullest potential. 

Some of the areas that I specialize in are :

  • co-dependent relationships
  • bio-individuality and nutrition
  • couples coaching
  • spirituality
  • creativity
  • exercise
  • emotional wellness

I offer a range of options as a health coach including:

  • small group coaching
  • goddess workshops for women
  • couples and relationship ceremonies
  • cacao circles
  • kitchen detoxes
  • meal prepping
  • meditation and yoga for adults and children
  • art as a method for healing emotional trauma
  • blog editing
  • creating self-care routines
  • grocery shopping and farmer's markets tours